SwipeThru™ Guarantees Consumer Engagement

Avoid Paying for Accidental Clicks on Your Ads

Touchscreen advertising is exploding on devices of all shapes and sizes. Marketers today are eager to reach this audience. Focusing on consumer gesture interactions and data is essential.

Why Swipe?

Our patented Swipe Advertising technology was created to eliminate accidental clicks. By changing the engagement gesture from a Tap to a Swipe we end unwanted interactions. This benefits Consumers, Brands & Publishers.

How It Works

See Swipe in Action

Our Swipe Advertising code wraps any touchscreen advertising unit and changes how a person will “click thru” by utilizing the swipe gesture. Verified Interactions Only. See how it works now.

How Swipe Works

In traditional desktop or PC web advertising a click with a mouse makes sense. However on touchscreen devices we mainly use our fingers for all aspects of interactivity. Unfortunately for consumers and brands this leads to accidental touches and clicks on their ads. This benefits nobody. Watch our video tutorial to learn more.

Swipe Products


Mobile advertising’s new "click thru" is the Swipe. By utilizing our patented code we can end accidental clicks and drive high quality, verified consumers for Brand and Publishers. Mobile experiences are dramatically improved for everyone. The Swipe Thru is the future for mobile advertising and our unique Cost Per Swipe (CPS) pricing model allows brands to only pay for qualified clicks. We solve for Viewability and Fraud with this model as well.
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Gesture Analytics & Data

Swipe Advertising goes beyond the accidental click too. Our gesture based code allows us to understand a vital data set for mobile advertising marketers that unique to us. We are able to track Swipes, Touches and also heat map the ads based on categories such as device, browser, OS, site, app, location and more. We can even dive deeper and model our audience segments based on gestures to understand demographics, finger size, swipe speed, and more. Data like this is the future for Brands in both creative development and media buying.
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Swipe Advertising is owned by Swipe Thru LLC.

Benefits Offered by Swipe Products

Key Findings from our Swipe Advertising Technology Partners:


Verified Interaction


Eliminate Accidental Clicks


Guaranteed Visibility


Interactive Analytic Reporting


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